Annual Retreat High in Austria

The cars and buses began arriving on Friday morning. By noon, the Hotel Kempinski in Austria was filled with men and women from across Europe for the fifth annual European Jewish Retreat. Over the next 3 days, guests were treated to fascinating lectures, superb kosher cuisine and lively entertainment.

Under the banner of Jewish community and Torah discovery, guests enjoyed ongoing lectures and discussions on a variety of topics.

The retreat was organized by the Brussels-based European Jewish Study Network and its director Rabbi Sholom Liberow. Grants were provided by the MATANEL foundation and European Jewish Development Fund. A director of EJDF commented that the event was a huge success. “The Jewish idea is that it is each person’s responsibility to grow, and in that way for the world to grow,” he says. “This event focuses on every person’s growth. It’s the Jewish experience of 3,000 years, in one weekend.”

Kitzbuhel, Austria, a world famous ski resort town, was the majestic backdrop to the retreat program that drew participants to new heights in every way. Over the weekend, guests enjoyed a hiking tour to the nearby mountains with the presence of Chief Rabbi Metzger.

Throughout the retreat, many notable personalities addressed guests. Speakers included Israel’s Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, former head of the Mossad Mr. Efraim Halevy, Brussels based entrepreneur Mr. Claude Kandiyoti and many others. Duo Re’im, popular Jewish singers from Israel, led a sing-a-long concert on Sunday evening.

The European Jewish Retreat was coordinated by Fleishman Productions of Israel.