Our Innovation

Global Resources
EJDF engages philanthropists from all over the world who are committed to the goals of injecting vibrancy into the European Jewish experience. This allows community activists in the field to focus on activity instead of on fundraising.

Political Voice

Often, the struggles of a small community stem from government conflict. EJDF works on behalf of local and national communities to reach mutually favorable ends at all times.

Hands-on Evaluation
Each funding proposal received by EJDF is carefully considered by a team of educational and financial experts to determine its viability, potential impact and the best way to help it succeed.

Detailed Follow-up
The progress of an EJDF-funded project is continually monitored for efficiency and possible innovations. Successes are measured for maximum impact and ability to be replicated in other cities.

Seamless Duplication
As one centralized foundation, we can often determine that a program can be duplicated and enhanced in other cities. EJDF provides the funds and resources to seamlessly accomplish this.