From Cyprus to Sweden and points in between‚ adults are discovering that it’s never too late to begin the journey to Jewish awareness.

EJDF partners with organizations in every part of Europe to facilitate this discovery by offering college and seminary grants to qualified students; funding resort study retreats and seminars with today’s foremost scholars; and sponsoring classes, lectures and study groups on a broad range of topics at all levels, backgrounds and scopes of interest from basic Hebrew to Talmud and beyond.

Some of our activities:


EJSN conducted a lecture tour with Rabbi Levi Garelik who toured the following cities:

- Brussels, Lecture by Mr. Marc Grossmann, about 10-15 people organized by EJDF (you have photos).
- London – organized by Chabad of South London, 700 people on 25/11/10
- London – by Chabad of Hendon, Friday night 26/11 for 100 people and Shabbat day 27/11 for 60 people.

European Jewish Retreat

We are in the final stages of announcing the next location for the EJR that will take place the 24-27 June 2011 most likely at the Sheraton Algarve (Portugal ) at the Pine Cliff Resort.

EJR Regional

We are in the early stages of organizing a regional retreat in cooperation of Chabad and the Jewish Communities of Holland at the Tulip Inn in Beekbergen, Holland on the 25-27 February 2011, more details will follow.